It hardly needs to be said that of late the news can be overwhelmingly grim and discouraging on most fronts. Issues especially dear to me – climate change/the environment, human rights, women’s rights, animal rights – all seem under assault. And more and more, when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the negativity, apathy, and hostility on display in our world, I find myself turning to writing. The reassurance and restoration I can find in others’ writing¬† and the therapeutic value of my own writing practice help to sustain and center me, to enable me to live more in a spirit of gratitude for my many blessings, for the miraculous that does still surround us.

I’m fortunate to be able to meet monthly with a talented and generous writing group where we provide critique and encouragement for each other. Early next month I have another wonderful opportunity. On June 3rd I’ll be reading my poetry in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, at the Sundown Poetry Series, part of the annual Piccolo Spoleto Festival. A different poet will read every weekday evening for two weeks, beginning May 27th. I’m very honored and excited to be included and to share my poetry there. Watch for an update about the experience once I return from Charleston!