“These poems transport us with powerful imagery and emotive rhythm as we cross a continent of life experiences through intimate moments of connection. She keeps us in transit throughout this beautiful collection of straight-from-life poems while inviting us to pause momentarily to revisit or consider what we can all identify as the reality of living in our chaotic world.”
– Jan Groenemann, author of Woman Alone and Creativity as a Life Path

In Transit is not the vain exercise in craft that so often passes for poetry. It is a needed book that compels us to feel just how vulnerable we are on life’s journey.”
-Dana Delibovi, Consulting Poetry Editor, Cable Street

About the Book
As humans we are continually in transit, from birth to death to whatever may come beyond that. This has always been true, but perhaps never more so than today, when our society is so mobile, when change happens so quickly. We are also constantly traversing the timeline of our lives through memory. These poems examine birth, aging, and death; love and loss; change and risk inherent in living in the world. Norris’ poems also acknowledge the joy and intensity of emotional connections; the wonder of the natural world; the mystery of time and space; the yearnings of the heart; and the tenacity of the human spirit.

About the Author
Teddy Norris is a poet and retired professor of English who holds an MLA from Washington University in St. Louis. She taught composition, poetry, and creative writing for two decades and edited a community college literary journal for five years. For eight years she served as a regional judge for Poetry Out Loud’s national high school poetry recitation competition. Her work has been recognized in local poetry contests, including the St. Louis Poetry Center, the Wednesday Club of St. Louis, the Springfield Writers Guild, and the Missouri Writers Exchange. Her poems have appeared in Adanna, Broad River Review, Flying South, Kakalak, Little Patuxent Review, Switchgrass Review, and elsewhere. She lives in St. Charles, Missouri.